Bitmain launch Antminer Z9 mini Equihash ASIC

mcminer | May 5, 2018 | 19 | Latest News

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Bitmain has done it again, by launching sales of the new Antminer Z9 mini Equihash ASIC miner. The latest comes as Bitmain has launched a number of ASIC miners for various coins which had been said to be “ASIC proof”. Bitmain previously launched the CryptoNight miner for mining Monero, however the Monero community fought back by introducing a hard fork which combated the Bitmain X3 ASIC.

Ethereum also came under pressure with Bitmain launching the Antminer E3 Ethash miner earlier this year which offered to perform at the same hashrate as a 6 GPU mining rig however for only $800 when it originally launched.

Now it seems Bitmain are targeting Equihash miners with their latest ASIC which seems to be the most profitable miner they have launched thus far if we got our hands on one today.

The stats from it are astounding, producing 10k Sol/s for only 300 W in power consumption, means this miner at current difficulty levels would rack in over $40 a day in profit mining Zcash! Although we are typically against ASIC miners, we have to hand it to Bitmain on this one for producing an outstanding miner.

Antminer Z9 mini stats according to Bitmain

Algorithm: Equihash
Ships: 20-30 June
Price: $1999
Hashrate: 10k Sol/s
Power: 300 Watts

In comparison to this a single GTX 1080TI currently only can hash around 650 Sols/s meaning to achieve this with graphics cards you would need 15 1080TI using the power consumption of less than 2, an impossible task! The new Antminer Z9 mini will change the Equihash landscape unless some ASIC resistance is implemented via a hard fork similar to that of Monero. We are anxious about what will happen next with Equihash cryptocurrencies and what Bitmain’s next move will be.

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