Bitmain Launch Ethereum ASIC Miner – Antminer E3

mcminer | April 4, 2018 | 0 | ETH , Latest News

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Bitmain has launched its latest ASIC miner the Antminer E3, an Ethash miner capable of outperforming most mining rigs.

The new Antminer E3 is capable of producing up to 180Mh/s at only 800 Watts according to the Bitmain website.

Although this is similar to most GPU mining rigs it does it with much lower power consumption and at a much lower hardware cost.

Bitmain recently accounced they launched a Cryptonight Asic Miner in march to mine coins like monero however it seems Ethereum miners should now worry. Due to the lost cost of the new Ethash Asic miner from bitmain it it much more profitable to buy it than the build a GPU mining rig at the moment.

Antminer E3 Details

Price: $800

Price incluing PSU: $905

Algorithm: Ethash

Hashrate: 180 Mh/s

Power Consumption: 800 Watts

Buy limit: 5 per user

Some interesting points to note:

  • Can be purchased with wire transfer in USD or bitcoin cash.
  • Bitmain are ” limiting orders to 5 miners per user.”
  • Shipping “will be after 16 July 2018 but before 31 July 2018”
  • Difficulty rates in July may not make it as profitable to buy these ASIC miners as you will be limited to mine Ethash coins only.
  • 180 day warrenty – void if overclock ASIC.
  • No details on noise levels or other ideal running conditions.

To buy or not to buy? that is the question

Based on the ever growing difficulty of Ethereum, this miner may be extremely less profitable by July when it is expected to ship. With the continuing fall of crypto prices in the past quarter it also means that unless ethash based coins recover, the point at which this miner becomes less profitable shifts closer. You also have to factor in the looming impact that proof of stake will have on the lifespan of this miner for Ethereum mining. As the point at which this is introduced looms, it could make it redundant faster than you think.

We think traditional GPU mining rigs are much better in contrast to what is being proposed with the Antminer E3. Especially with graphics cards like 1080 TI, Vega 64 and newer models to be released this year. The benefit of GPU miners is that they can mine different cryptocurrencies, be resold secondhand at good prices and also be used to perform other functions such as build gaming PCs etc.

Our verdict: it’s probably not the best option at the moment but definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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