Crypto prices bounce back – miners optimistic

mcminer | April 24, 2018 | 1 | Latest News

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After a bad start to the year with prices dropping in Q1, crypto miners are optimistic with the recent surge in prices over the past few weeks with prices up from $6800 to $9400 for Bitcoin, $380 to $700 for Ethereum, $172 to $296 for Monero and with 24 days of price rises.

Bitcoin and other altcoin prices have been falling consistently falling over the past 4 months except with the recent price bounce back since the start of April. Summary of the recent price bounce back over the last 24 days:

  • Bitcoin: $6800 April 1st to $9400 April 24th,  38% increase
  • Ethereum: $380 April 1st to $700 April 24th, 84% increase
  • Monero: $172 April 1st to $296  April 24th, 72% increase

Monero miners are in short are still reaping the benefiting from the mining difficulty drop from the recent hard fork. Surprisingly considering the amount of coins mined in the past month as a result of the recent difficulty drop the price as continued to rise.

Miners who cashed in on the recent flood of GPUs and ASICs miners on Ebay after the recent price drop will now be seeing much greater benefits to their investments.



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