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Time to stop mining Ethereum with RX Cards?

Ethereum prices have been falling since the boom last January when it spiked to over $1300. Mining how now become ...
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Bitmain Launch Ethereum ASIC Miner – Antminer E3

Bitmain has launched its latest ASIC miner the Antminer E3, an Ethash miner capable of outperforming most mining rigs. The ...
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NVIDIA GTX 1060 3GB Now Useless for Ethereum Mining on Windows 10

It has been confirmed that GTX 1060 3GB cards have now become useless to mine Ethereum on Windows 10. GPU ...
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Coinbase Bug Allowed Users To Steal Unlimited ETH

Coinbase  the US based cryptocurrency marketplace has rewarded a Dutch company with a $10,000 bounty after it discovered a smart ...
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