Monero hard fork – bye Bitmain ASICs

mcminer | April 6, 2018 | 0 | Latest News , XMR

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Monero has hard-forked to combat ASICs. Bitmain recently launched their new ASIC cryptonight miners which were selling for up to $11,000 for the first batch to ship. Monero who is completely supported by CPU and GPU mining as well as been known for browser mining Hard-forked this morning to combat Bitmain’s new ASIC miner. Bitmain has sold out of its first 3 batches of cryptonight ASIC miners however they will now be useless for mining Monero as the entire network upgraded at block 1546000 as it introduced a new consensus algorithm to protect the network.

Monero network hashrate on Nanopool
Monero network hashrate on Nanopool.

It seems as though many miners have missed the news. Network hashrates have dropped on many Monero mining pools as miners missed the news about the hard fork. It seems the overall hashrate onMmonero mining pool Nanopool has dropped by over a half whilst mining difficulty after the hard fork has increased dramatically. It will be interesting to see how the hashrate levels off over the next few days and where the difficulty will play out.

For Monero miners make sure to check your mining rig and update to the latest version of your miner recommended by your pool to ensure little downtime.

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