Monero is a Cryptonight proof of work based cryptocurrency. Monero is focused on privacy and maintaining decentralisation. Monero is one of the first cryptocurrencies which has been implemented to mine via a website using a web browser as a medium for mining. Monero can be mined using CPU, GPU and ASIC miners.

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monero asic

XMR Miners update your Mining rigs for Pending Fork

Monero miners, update your miners to the latest versions ahead of the fork on 18th of October. The latest fork by Monero is set to make the hit on the ...
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monero difficulty drop

Time to Mine Monero? Difficulty Falls Dramatically

The aftermath of the Monero Hard Fork is not over yet. After a huge drop off in network hashrate on 6th April, Monero's difficulty has dropped significantly causing a huge ...
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monero asic

Monero hard fork – bye Bitmain ASICs

Monero has hard-forked to combat ASICs. Bitmain recently launched their new ASIC cryptonight miners which were selling for up to $11,000 for the first batch to ship. Monero who is completely ...
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Outrage as Bitmain Introduces ASIC to Mine Monero

ASICs are yet to make an impact on the mining of digital coins using the CryptoNote protocol. However, Bitmain, one of the largest suppliers of ASIC-based mining equipment, has cracked the ...
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