Use Old PC Case as Crypto Mining Rig Case

mcminer | April 16, 2018 | 0 | tips

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When it comes to housing your GPU mining rig in something, most miners opt for the aluminium frame. However if you are crypto mining on a budget and you have some old PCs laying around your house gathering dust, you might want to consider recycling them into a new Mining rig frame.

You can easily build a 3-6 GPU mining rig using an old PC case. We tried it. I had an old rusty windows 98 box gathering dust in the attic. It had lay dormant so long I couldn’t even boot up, so I decided that it would make a bare-bones frame for a crypto GPU mining Case.

I stripped off all the outer plastic, brutally, and unscrewed the old hard drive, motherboard, PSU and so on until I was left with a case and some useful power switches which I could also recycle. Everything else was next to useless, and because of its age, there’s nothing really I could do with them so they will sit in a box for now until I find something to do with them.

I found a piece of wood, and grabbed some no-more-nails adhesive from the shed and cut it to shape. I bought most of the equipment from our previous GPU mining rig parts and equipment tutorial  except the case and just bought some random GPUs from Amazon.

Surprisingly, the motherboard fit exactly into the existing screw holes which was something I hadn’t even thought about prior to ordering the parts.

It may seem hideous to most miners however may be something for new or beginner miners to consider especially if they want to re-use old parts such as cases.

For about €1200 I set up the 3 GPU rig with one RX570 4gb, and two RX580.

Yes you may say the heat from the GPU fans is blowing into the wood and it can get trapped and overheat, I did realise that and eventually got around to cut it out. So with a bit more no-more-nails adhesive a random GTX 1060 I picked up on Amazon at a great price and some case fans. I had a pretty good basic rig.

Cheap mining rig case build
Cheap mining rig case build – X2 RX 580, RX 570 and GTX 1060 GPUS

At the end of the day crypto mining is about two things, doing it as cheap as possible and mucking around with the tech. Both were achieved in the making this rig.



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