Used Antminer S9 Bitcoin ASIC sold less than £1000

mcminer | April 1, 2018 | 0 | BTC , Latest News

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Used Antminer S9 Bitcoin ASICs from Bitmain are now selling for less than £1000 GBP on eBay. ASIC miners are application specific integrated circuits which are designed specifically to miner bitcoin and do nothing else. These ASICs had reached extraordinary prices earlier in the year with some going for upwards of £5000 on Amazon and eBay.

antminers 9 secondhand

With the price decline of cryptocurrency across the board in Q1, it seems many miners are now looking to cash pout of the cryptocurrency mining game as they are now selling for less than £1000 second hand. Although cryptocurrency mining is still profitable, it seems that since the Q1 price drop miners are now flocking to sell their equipment. It seems as though the market isn’t completely saturated yet as there are still quite a few buyers buying up the Antminers S9. We can also see that Bitmains prices have also dropped dramatically with prices now only at $1450 including the PSU.

Thinking of getting into the Bitcoin mining game? Well at the moment, with the current prices of €5,600 = 1 BTC, it’s not really worth it. A brand new 13.5 TH/s Antminer S9 with a PSU can be bought on Amazon for about £1100. Not factoring in power costs, they will only make about £5 per in a day, set to reduce as difficulty rises. If you factor in power costs and the Antminer S9 loves power!, you will be looking at £2.50 per day profit at the current price and difficulty. If prices continue to fall as we have seen over the past few months then will push out the payback period significantly. It’s a bit of a gamble really, if you speculate the price will increase and profitability will also rise  then you are a bigger gambler than me!

In my opinion Mining has to remain profitable in order for the entire ecosystem to operate.

We don’t recommend buying second hand ASICs especially on eBay as you do not know exactly how long the seller has owned and used and in that conditions they have been run (properly cooled etc). However if you are interested in buying an Antminer S9 we have some useful links below.

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