Windows 10 GPU Crypto Mining Guide

We are currently creating a complete series on how to build your very own cryptocurrency mining rig on windows 10. We will be going through what you need to do, from what parts to buy, to how to install windows, optimise windows 10 and download and run various mining software. See the latest posts in the guide below.

Welcome to the first series of Windows 10 mining rig build guide. This series will show you how you can build a GPU mining rig and optimize it for maximum performance. We will discuss the development of building a 6 GPU mining rig for six AMD RX 570 8GB. To ...
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If you have followed out previous post of buying your mining rig hardware and it has now arrived then you are ready to get started with the build. If you missed the last post, check it out:  1. Equipment and parts -  GPU mining guide. So if you bought everything ...
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